As part of a growth strategy or as an exit route for business owners a company may decide to seek funds on various stock markets throughout the world. We have the strategic contacts to enable your company to float on any secondary market. We offer a free appraisal of a business to see if your company is suitably positioned to go to market. We can also indicate if the company is premature for entry onto a market and alternatively set targets and timetables for a delayed entry.

Debt Financing

We work closely with several City bankers and understand how the banks can lend funds. All banks have areas of expertise and often a rejection by one bank would be an acceptance by another. Given that we know the lending parameters of the banks it is sensible to talk to us to avoid an embarrassing rejection.

Asset Finance

Hire purchase, leasing asset finance and debtor finance are all ways in which overdraft interest rates can be reduced. We can help your business seek new finance from existing assets or to purchase new assets. There are a variety of lenders in this field some of whom are distinctly better than others.

Equity Finance

  • Venture Capital finance: There are many venture capital companies available to fund growing businesses. We can assist you obtain reasonable funding terms.
  • Business angels: These are private individual investors. We have access to various business angel networks.

In general if you are profitable with a good management structure our work in fundraising is much easier. If not then finance can also be achieved. As a last resort a plan can be effected to arrange the finance at a future date.

We have many banking contacts both in the City and in the West End who deal with primary and secondary debt. Some banks will offer mezzanine finance.

Require more information?

If you would like more information or would like to speak to us direct then call us on 0845 606 6567. Or if you would prefer, ask us a question online.