About City, Chartered Accountants

Citycas, Accountants in Central London

You can be sure that our staff are at the top of their profession. We have created an environment that nurtures professional growth. Through our continuing professional education programme, we keep staff informed of legislative developments and changes in accounting standards that may affect your business. Our training programmes are designed to ensure that we always have the skills to work effectively and efficiently with you and your business.

The success of our firm

Our aim is to:

  • Provide service of outstanding excellence and quality
  • Contribute to the growth, profitability and success of our clients
  • Provide careful and continuous attention to your business needs
  • Provide services at a realistic and reasonable cost
  • Meet and surpass the highest professional and ethical standards in both service and conduct
  • Ensure the growth and development of our employees as individuals
Here at City, Chartered Accountants, we consistently and actively extoll the virtues of diversity and inclusion in every approach and wherever we can.
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